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The words get longer, and the fingerspelling gets faster.It grows almost addictive; you can see how quickly you progress.It reminded me of what they always say about Ginger Rogers: She did everything Astaire did, but backward and in heels.Also, my aging fingers are just not as flexible as those of my younger fellow students.My brain felt ever more boggled as the weeks went by.At the end, I spoke to the teacher about whether I should repeat Level 1 or go on to Level 2, and he said I needed a private tutor. But I didn't want to give up, so I began studying online.

Nouns may be derived from verbs through reduplication.

Some words of advice if you're interested in learning ASL, from someone whose language skills haven't come easy: Print out a free fingerspelling alphabet poster.

Hang it above your desk and study it, then use William Vicars' Fingerspelling Practice — a test-yourself site that grows increasingly difficult.

Reduplication of the signs may also occur to emphasize the degree of the statement.

Some signs are produced with an exaggeratedly large motion, so that they take up more sign space than normal.

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