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Stay on a friendly vibe with the initial girl you met in order to make a painless switch.

There was a sad moment when she realized I didn’t like her, but I was able to meet prettier women that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

The girl you approach during the day, for instance, will be merely a gateway to more poon.

While we do see issues like flakiness in Colombia and even Brazil, at least those girls have the consideration to let you down easy. For example, I get looks and approach invitations from 5’s and 6’s all day, but the 7’s and up only look with their peripheral vision, if at all. If the club you’re going to has a web site or can be googled, you shouldn’t go there. Because your first date with an Argentine girl will most likely be with her friends, the appearance of the girl you approach doesn’t matter much because odds are she’ll have at least one cute friend.

It seems like in Argentina the girls have a goal to make you feel like shit, at multiple points in the seduction. Alright that’s an extreme rule, but you don’t want to go to trendy places frequented only by “white” Argentines who think they’re European. Argentine girls younger than 30 don’t like doing one-on-one dates right off the bat like in America.

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