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His father died when Jeremy was in a remote location in Brazil.He got the news from Martin on a two-way radio some five days later when he returned to camp.“They took a certain pride in the fact that I was going to places and doing things other people weren’t.But at the same time, they were concerned because what I was doing wasn’t feeding into any kind of respectability, for want of a better word.”Martin agrees.“Apparently women like to be taken to these unfamiliar places,” Jeremy says.“I suppose they see me as a safe guide on the journey.”On the other hand, perhaps women see the 56-year-old, never-married Englishman with piercing blue eyes and shock of white hair as a good catch.1 show, “River Monsters,” is staying at the posh London Hotel.For the next 10 days he’s doing media interviews, attending ad sales dinners, meeting a child through the Make a Wish Foundation and visiting with TV executives who are all abuzz over the show’s upcoming season, a cable series with 1.7 million viewers who tune in every week to see what creature Jeremy will reel in next.

“Up until my dad died, that was one of his lasting concerns: ‘Oh dear, I do hope Jeremy is going to be okay,’” Martin recalls.

“I think he probably did break some hearts along the way, but the reality is, he’s often busy, he’s away and that lifestyle doesn’t suit women very well.

At the end of the day he’s always off to find another fish.”“I’ve lived a very nonstandard life,” Jeremy says.

“The water was like mud, there were no fish and we were stranded up river on a log raft with a drunken skipper.” It got worse.

Government officials interrogated him; he lived on blackened fish corpses, slept in filthy, bedbug-infested rooms, caught malaria and nearly died.

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