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Panio: In your research, you go back to the 18th and 19th centuries, to these very early trainwrecks I’d never known about—for example, Mary Wollstonecraft, whose husband published her letters after her death and it became a scandal, and a lot of people thought it invalidated her argument [in “Wollstonecraft, in particular, was a sexual radical. She was faced with these questions about female autonomy and sexuality and motherhood that women are still figuring out today.”.

It obliquely referenced that Charlotte Brontë had a relationship that went really terribly with a guy named Heger, and quoted one of the letters.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t need that language, and that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have high standards for our feminism.

It does mean that we should be careful for the Trojan horse arguments, for the argument that comes in as a feminist argument and then very quickly turns into just another way to tear a woman down.

When the calls Rihanna a whore, they’re not actually concerned about exploited sex workers or girls, they just want an excuse to call a black woman names for being sexual and for being visible.There’s now nothing Miley Cyrus has to hide from us. We can’t steal images of her naked body, because she’s giving them away.That’s what I see her doing, leaning into the trainwreck so as not to be swallowed alive by it.She was the subject of an up-skirt when she was underage.She has always had predatory sexual attention focused on her, so for her to just be loud and out of control and naked is pretty much just giving the people what they want.

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