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Karben4 has been cultivating a devoted following since it opened in late 2012 and Fantasy Factory is a big reason why. Renegade brewer Tom Porter is doing big things at his small, reclusive brewery in tiny Arena, just outside of Madison. Scotch ales aren’t made by very many Wisconsin brewers, but this one makes up for that. Riverwest Stein started showing up in local bars in the late ‘80s when imports like Heineken and Moosehead were considered exotic.Fruity, hoppy, and delicious -- if it’s not the best IPA in the state, it’s certainly in the conversation. The tasty amber brew is the flagship of one of Milwaukee’s two oldest craft breweries, and it sure beats Moosehead.Malts smoked with German beechwood and Wisconsin cherrywood give the beer a distinct, but not overpowering, smoky flavor.This is a brew that has to be tasted to appreciate the balance.

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It gets chilly in Wisconsin in the dead of winter, and enduring the brutal conditions takes more than Shackletonian toughness. It’s a complex and well-balanced amber with an ABV of nearly 10%.

If you don’t consider Peruvian Morning one of the best barrel-aged stouts made in the United States, then you haven’t tried it.

The flavors of coffee, chocolate, and bourbon are a perfect threesome.

The first beer ever created entirely from Wisconsin ingredients.

That’s right, the barley, wheat, hops, and even yeast are all natives of the Badger State.

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