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How long would it take you to talk to 15 similarly aged singles who are genuinely looking for someone?At Melbourne Speed Date we give you the chance to meet 15 singles for six minutes each.Auckland Got a Trade Speed Meet took place at the end of October 2016 in South Auckland.The Speed Meet concept involves employers, jobseekers and secondary school students coming together speed-dating style, via short six minute mini-interviews.“So we are short cutting it by doing random acts of kindness in the local community.”She says she came up with the idea of the speed dating events because it adds an extra level of curation “because you will get to meet who you are going on your date with before you have to go on a date.”The speed dating events were initially going to be bi-monthly, she says, but after so much demand the trio might have to make the events weekly instead.The events cost to attend which covers running costs of the venue and food and drink will be available.This is how it works: the interested party applies on the Do Good Dating website where they fill out a short questionnaire which includes questions on their age, gender, sexual orientation, the last film they watched and how they would spend a day off.Then those who have applied will be sent on a speed date with about 20 people called A Good Match.

Rather than being matched through similar interests or the calibre of one’s personality, superficially, it’s based on aesthetics in the form of the user’s best selection of Facebook pictures.Melbourne has an excellent night life and great atmosphere. The reason why Speed Dating popularity has sky-rocketed is it quite simply takes the time and awkwardness out of dating. Well not at a Melbourne Speed Dating Event, you get to do it in just 2 hours!! Even the fussiest would have to pick at least one or two!!Perfectly suited to our fastpaced lifestyle, this is an dating concept that is rapidly spreading all over the world. Now, out of every 15 similar aged singles you meet, how many do you think you might want to see again? Have you ever been out on an Internet or blind date? Talk about pressure, you start the evening with your heart in your mouth and all sorts of anticipations, but somehow things don’t quite work out – there’s no connection and you just can’t wait for the night to end...Three young innovators are looking to change that, with their own matchmaking creation called Do Good Dating, which would see the mutually interested parties getting to know each other by undertaking community work together.And only three days after its launch, the site already has over 600 sign ups.

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    The volunteer work will include activities like beach clean-ups, sorting donations or collecting money for charity.

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