Pb and marceline dating online dating singles over 40

Marceline shows up, wearing an outfit that can only be described as Roller Girl Chic, and asks Bubblegum for help dealing with the Sky Witch. Don’t tell her I said that.”Marceline convinces her to continue the search for Hambo nonetheless. Anyway, the box is full of receipts, including one that states some weenis (their word, not mine) named Ash (Marcie’s ex) sold Hambo to the witch.

She’s vague about the reason why but tells Bubblegum it’s important, and that is enough. While Marceline is distracted by the witch’s Crabbit (part crow, part rabbit) Princess Bubblegum stumbles upon a secret room full of belongings. It turns out that the witch collects sentimental affection, and Hambo is full of it.

The argument that showing a same-sex relationship in a cartoon is “too adult” is just crazy.

There’s nothing “too adult” about the dozens of Disney princesses falling in love with princes.

I was at the studio on Tuesday and Pen was actually there because he was recording for Lumpy Space Princess and I wanted to ask him a lot of questions, because he's trying to write the book and stuff so I wanted to pick Pen's brain a little bit. ' And I said, ' Wellll, that's what I figured from all the creepy fan art.' [cheers]And I said, 'Are they going to do it on the show at all, or can we say anything about it in the book?

" And he's like, ' I don't know about the book, but in some countries where the show airs, it's sort of illegal.' So that's why they're not putting it in the show.

Princess Bubblegum rules over the Candy Kingdom, with a firm yet gentle hand and is Mensa levels of smart.And then in last summer’s “Sky Witch” episode, PB retrieves Marci’s teddy bear, Hambo, by trading a t-shirt Marci gave her to a witch that collects sentimental affection.“The physic resonance on Hambo is nothing compared to this baby,” the witch says as Marci and PB fly back home with Hambo safely in hand.The video recap referencing this was removed shortly there after, but the subtext remains.PB and Marci have a bit of contemptuous relationship that smacks of underlying teenagey feelings.

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