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“We are going to have pumpkins, flowers, kid activities, apple dumplings, and we hope to sell East Hill (Creamery) cheeses as well and hope to have melted cheese on potatoes.” Late last month, Burley officially opened the “Blooms” portion of her business at 6335 Route 20A, Warsaw, with a ribbon cutting and plans on expanding both berry and flower varieties next season.

“Growing up on a farm in Pennsylvania I learned so much…and it's a good way to raise children. So it's helped in this venture.” Burley moved to Wyoming County five years ago following her marriage to Ryan Burley. This summer she expanded her U-pick offerings to include U-pick flowers.

Julia Ferrini has done an outstanding job as our community editor. She worked hard and stuck with this project even as she knew growth had become a struggle. Thank you to all of the advertisers who supported the . The following, who is an inmate at a State Correctional Facility, was in Court Sept. Bail is set for state inmate cases for two reasons: • In the event that the inmate’s current sentence is overturned on appeal or the inmate’s sentence is about to expire the bail will kick in on the new case and the inmate would be turned over to the Wyoming County jail while the new case is pending; and • When bail is placed on an inmate it follows the inmate so when they are moved to different facilities it is one way for them to be found and also the state system knows there is another case still pending. It was created in 1995 as a new sentencing option for low-level drug offenders and parole violators who previously would have been sent to a traditional prison.

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“I added the flowers because I love flowers and the garden in front was filled with flowers.“Community involvement and community support is the key to our success." Marzolf said: “We are rallying Alexander, Attica and surrounding communities to help us make this our most successful benefit to date.All of Gateway Home’s funding is through donations and fundraisers.In order to extend the picking season as long as possible, Burley planted a variety of strawberry called Malwina.She hopes this will give her an extra two weeks of picking season.

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