Roomie stuck on updating device library

The screenshot above show my hard drive with four partition is correctly detected (USB3_XXXX are volume names), and ex FAT and NTFS partition mounted.While the e MMC flash has 8GB capacity, the system takes some, and the internal storage partition is just 4.70 GB in size with 598MB used at the beginning of the review.I can access Android Marshmallow settings by clicking or selecting “More settings”, where you can access some extra options like Printing, Date & Time, Backup & Reset and so on.So I went to the “About Media Box” to find out a bit more about the firmware, and “MINIM8S II” model number runs Android 6.0.1 on top of Linux 3.14.29. I also quickly tested the included IR remote control, and the range is very good, as it works very well even 10 meters away.It’s not a feature I’d use in Android anyway, but the problem is that it seems enabled somehow, and if my AV receiver is turned on at the same time as MINI M8S II, I won’t be able to turn off my AV receiver, as the box will turn it back on as soon as I turn it off…

The Google Play Store worked for most apps required for the review, except Antutu Video Tester, Vidonn Smart Band & Xiaomi Mi Fit (both require BLE support), Bit Torrent and a few others from my list.I completed the hardware setup by connecting HDMI & Ethernet cables before starting the device by connected the provided power adapter.A few seconds later, the system showed me a “USB drive connected”.Press one button on your Total Control user interface for stunning illumination in your living room, dining room and kitchen.Headquartered in Harrison NY USA, URC is a global leader in automation and control for residential and commercial applications.

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