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To the right, the road turns into dirt and is gated.The cemetery is on the left and uphill from the old trailer court terraces. The cemetery has about 20 rows with from 19 to 36 graves in each one.In 2000 the old hospital building was torn down and the present, modern structure built.The hospital was offically opened for use in 1905 but it wasn't required to have state death certificates until 1911.The military routine had been replaced by other activities as a form of treatment.1949 came with overcrowding for the one building, almost 600 patients in a building meant for only 450.They also include research into state, county and family histories.Along with normal information, also included are sex and the persons address where they came from upon admission to the hospital, if known.

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Michal Beck has created a "family tree" for people buried in this cemetery. This tree was created to help connect those buried here with other family members if possible.For more information contact Michal Berreth-Beck at (208-464-2489) or email to [email protected][ Return to Home Page ] Cemetery Listings If name or date is underlined it is a link to a photo of either the grave marker or a death certificate.Click on the link to open it, then click on the "back" or "return" button to come back to this page.This road will go past several maintenance sheds and then go right and go uphill past an old trailer court with terraces and concrete foundations still visible on the left.From the hospital parking lot you will go about .4 of a mile to the end of this little paved road and the end of the old trailer court.

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