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As it turned out, the older civilian had been carjacked by Michael.As Michael tried to make a hasty escape on foot, the older civilian attempted to get Trevor's attention as to what just happened.In exchange for a monthly five-figure payment, Norton would provide Michael with a new identity and a home for him and his family in Los Santos.Michael would let Norton "kill" him in the upcoming bank heist in Ludendorff, a move that would make Norton's career as the agent who took down the supposed "Most Wanted Man in America".Michael and Brad would never show any empathy for each other and would often express distaste or distrust when working together.According to Trevor, Brad planned at one point to cut off Michael and work solely with Trevor.At some point in 2004, Michael met FIB agent Dave Norton.Michael made a clandestine agreement with the FIB to cut ties with Trevor and Brad in exchange for government protection.

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As a young adult, Michael started breaking the law.Trevor approached the civilian and fired off a flare gun into the man's eye, brutally killing him.He and Michael dumped the body into a lake after landing a plane.Using money earned from illicit activities, Michael was even able to buy Amanda some breast implants, which would help with her stripping career, as well as her stint as a prostitute.This led to Michael creating his own prostitution racket.

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