Who is model beth ostrosky dating

We’re betting Yvette Prieto Jordan has a bit of a crick in her neck, as leaning up to kiss Michael Jordan each day can’t be good for the joints.

Nevertheless, this model managed to bag herself a three-pointer in 2008 when she met the basketball legend, and they finally tied the knot in 2013.

The pair are still together today and have been making couples insanely jealous since ‘06. Michael Jordan Married Juanita Vanoy on September 1989 and they share two boys and one daughter.

The famous couple filed for divorce one time in 2002 but got back together and finally divorced in 2006.

Flockhart met Harrison Ford at the 2002 Golden Globe Awards and the two hit it off.

They would end up getting married in 2010, adding an adopted son to their family a year later.

Let’s take a look at some famous celebrity wives from years past and see what they’re doing now.

Finally, you’ll think, here is a real man: strong, silent, and loaded with goodies. He WANTS to play the role of Protector and Provider.

The two have a son and daughter together and after taking several years off to focus on her family and marriage, Zeta-Jones has returned to acting in a full-time capacity again.

Some celebrity wives are very famous in their own right.

She will tend to try and make him feel guilty (“irresponsible” or “out of control”) for any outbreaks of fire in the belly. They are more bonded and co-dependent than friends could ever be. And for heaven’s sake, a Cancer woman wants nothing to do with risky co-habitation or financially undependable love affairs. Sex: Every once in awhile he can talk her into it especially if he’s been “good to her” lately. Her desires are purer (like a new washing machine or fur coat).

Degree of Friendship: Two marriages which personify the classic Capricorn-Cancer model are Ronald “Daddy” and Nancy “Mommy” Reagan — and Brangelina. After all, marriage is the biggest business deal she’ll ever make. Other than that, they’re cuddly and probably settle for a good dinner instead. Or it can end when he finally gets tired of sleeping permanently in the dog house because he tried to force himself on her that night back in ’89.

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